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Sataban  Saengsawang  Foundation  was  established  in  1979  (B.E.2522) as  a  result  of  the charity work that the Sahathai  Foundation ( HOLT ) has done in  assisting  children, their families  and  helping  with the developmental  growth  of  babies  in  various  hospitals. 

The  foundation  found  that  some  of  the  children  abandoned  in  hospitals  had  special  needs and  could  not  benefit  from the help normally  offered in hospitals.  At  the same  time, there  were growing numbers  of  parents  who  had  children  with  special  needs and facing  problems  in  raising, and  finding suitable education for  their  children.

The Sahathai Foundation  and  parental  groups  therefore  got  together  to  teach  these  children  in  the  form  of  a  playgroup.  It  started  with  five  children , using  the  home  of  Ms  Catherine  Blanchard , and  grew  into  a  trial  program  for  the  teaching  of  children  with  special  needs named Sataban Saengsawang,  under  the  auspices  of  the  Sahathai  Foundation. The  program  then  moved  to  the  Christ  Church at 11  Convent  Road , Bangkok  and  became  the  first  program  to  care  for  all  kinds  of  disabled  children  in  Thailand.

The  Sataban  Saengsawang  Foundation  has had  to  move  to different locations several  times  between  1982  (B.E. 2525) and  1985 (B.E. 2528) due to either the  rented  area  became  too  small  or  the  rental  contract  had  expired.  In  June  1985 (B.E. 2528), it  received  approval  from  the  Ministry  of Interior , document  number  042 – 9975 , to  operate  as  a  foundation  with  the  status  of  a  separate  entity  under  the  name  of  the   Sataban  Saengsawang  Foundation.  

Since 1992 (B.E. 2535), Professor  Darawan  Thammarak , then the  Foundation’s  Vice – President , kindly allowed  the  use  of  her  land  at the current location to build a  facility  for  the  Foundation  for  a  period  of  30  years.


Sataban Seang Sawang Foundation under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali


Founded by parents, Assist. Prof.Niramol Chayuthsahakij ,Mrs.Nancy Gage,Mrs.Anne Wilkinson and Sahathai

Foundation at Mrs.Katherine Blanchard’s house. The program is under a concept  that every child is unique in their own way there for the program has to be individually formulate by a team of specialists.


Moved to Christ Church at 11 Convent road  Bangkok. A pilot project in special education for all kind of young special needs children was established as the first in Thailand.


The Ministry of Interior approved the project and gave a permission to operate the center as Sataban Saeng Sawang  Foundation. Professor Dr.Sem  Pringpuangkao  was the first chairman.



Mrs. Darawan Dhammarak offer Sataban Saeng Sawng Foundation to use the land to build a building for office and special education program without renting fee.


Queen Magrethe of Denmark personally visited our special education program.


The Ministry of finance announced that Sataban Saeng Sawang Foundation is a legitimate cheritable organization No.625.


Awarded to benefit children and youth” youth development and promote participation” by Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.


Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali granting Sataban Saeng Sawang Foundation under her patronage.


Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali donated one million baht to the new building construction project.

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