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  1. To provide each child with an individual test before entry to select the most suitable educational program for the child.
  2. To set up an individual educational program for those children who have physical , intellectual or mental disabilities, for example , Down Syndrome , Delayed Development , Cerebral Palsy ( CP ) , Autism , Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADD / ADHD ) Learning Disabilities ( LD ) and Multiple Handicapped.
  3. To provide special treatment , for example speech therapy , physiotherapy , music therapy , as well as coaching to prepare for entry into the normal education system.
  4. To provide counseling and specific information to parents / practitioners about looking after children with special needs.
  5. To train teachers and personnel in special education , and support research in teaching , teaching equipment and other services.
  6. To work with medical and other personnel aiding children with special needs.
  7. To be a place of work experience for students , personnel and those involved with children with special needs.


Learning and Development Promotion Program

Pre – School Program

Age 2 – 12 years old


  1. Develop Gross motor and Fine motor skills
  2. Develop language learning ability and communication through verbal and nonverbal language
  3. Develop self – reliance skills in all areas
  4. Develop emotional and social skills
  5. Develop learning ability and intellect
  6. Prepare for entry into Inclusion program in regular school

Pre – Vocational and Vocational Program

Age 12 years and over


  1. Develop necessary life skills
  2. Develop language communication skills
  3. Develop social skills
  4. Develop vocational skills
  5. Prepare for occupation

Special Development and Learning Program

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Speech therapy
  3. Music therapy
  4. Hydrotherapy
  5. Art therapy
  6. Academic tuition (to help children catch up with their school learning)
  7. Sensory integration training
  8. Computer training
  9. Summer camps

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